About EFD 2022

EFD is the premier fly-in that you don't want to miss! We're expecting to break records this year as the largest paramotor fly-in ever held. EFD

EFD features acres upon acres of plush green grass to fly from. A mile-long concrete rv camping area. Vendors from all of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Incredible daily prizes. And of course...endless foot drags.


Fredonia Airport
Fredonia, KS 66736


Monday to Sunday
September 19 to 25

EFD Fly In 2022



This is the fly in of all fly ins! You do not want to miss it! The scenery is stunning, the flying is unforgettable, the daily prizes are incredible, and the memories will last a lifetime. We look forward to seeing you here for EFD 2022.


How do I register?

We will do on-site registration like we did last year. Registration will open on Monday, September 19th at 8:00 AM (Please do not arrive before).

2022 Rules and Regulations

  1. All pilots must attend the daily safety briefing in the hangar at 4:30 PM.
  2. All pilots attending the event are required to wear a colored I.D. wristband to indicate that registration fees are paid and liability release forms signed.
  3. No open fires on airport property allowed. BBQ grills are ok, but must be operated in the grass – NOT on the runway! No Fireworks allowed. Dispose of cooled coals and all bagged trash in designated locations.
  4. NO fueling of flight gear in the hanger or on the concrete allowed. Fuel up your flight gear in the grass.
  5. Portable generators may not be run or fueled on the runway. They must be run either on the grass or in a pickup bed.
  6. Consumption of alcohol prohibited while flying. Flying while intoxicated is prohibited. Wait until after the day’s flight operations have ceased to consume any alcoholic beverage.
  7. Designated L.Z.’s are to be used for take-offs and landings ONLY! NO playing around over the L.Z.’s.
  8. When flying off site, be aware of farmers’ livestock and DO NOT buzz them. There are lots of empty fields out there. Same applies to corrals around farmers’ homes. Be respectful of others' property and animals.
  9. Discharge of any firearms prohibited except for use at the gun range on the NW side of airport property.
  10. Be respectful of other pilots that will be taking off and landing. After landing, move your gear to the edge of the flight line to keep the L.Z. clear for inbound pilots. Let’s look out for each other!
  11. ONLY pilots wearing the appropriate Colored wristbands are allowed in the L.Z.’s
  12. Any pilot that chooses to break the above rules, are seen or reported putting others at risk, will be subject to immediate dismissal from the event.
  13. FLY SAFE AND HAVE FUN!! Leave the place cleaner than you found it!

Prizes & Giveaways

Below is a partial list of committed items so far but there's more to come, including some BIG stuff! We're not going to spill all the beans just yet but watch for news in the near future!

**Please note that this is not a raffle, it's a giveaway for registered pilots only, and you must be present to win. Items will be drawn for throughout the week at the pilot meetings and we usually save the big ticket stuff for Saturday.**

- Blackhawk Paramotors USA is donating a kiting harness with carabiners.

- FlyPPG LLC - Michael and Stacy Mixer are again donating a complete paramotor setup: 2021 Adventure Primus with Vittorazi Moster 185 dual start, 130 E-prop, tiny tach, carbon shroud, battery, charger, and cage travel bag.

- Lone Star Paramotor is donating a product package that includes an all-weather paramotor cover, a kiting harness, and a retractable phone tether.

- Nirvana North America and Austin Paramotor are donating a Carbon FC5 helmet with comms.

- ParaPacks - Brian Horton with ParaPacks is donating 3 Parapack Crash Pack first aid kits.

- Power2fly, details coming soon.

- SkySports USA and Flint Hills PPG collaboration, details coming soon.

- Super Fly Paragliding will be donating $1,000 credit toward the purchase of any reserve.

- Texas Powered Paragliding, LLC will be contributing a Power Float U shaped Safety Flotation Device and 10 Walbro carburetor adjustment tools.

- Wisconsin Flight Sports is donating an Icaro PPG helmet with MicroAvionics comms and bluetooth.


We're asking all attendees to arrive no earlier than Monday, September 20th at 8:00 AM.

Yes. We have water available on-site to fill your RV or camp trailer. We also have showers available on site.

Registration will be available on-site like last year. When you arrive, you can register at the entrance of the event and will receive a wrist band once you've signed the waiver.

Sponsors help make this event so great. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please reach out to Michael Holiday by email at or by phone at (620) 288-4517.

We are working on several incredible prizes. We will announce the prizes here once we have the final confirmation. Last year we gave away a couple of paramotors, several wings, and many other great prizes. The winner must be present in order to win. The main prize will be announced on Saturday the 25th.

Fredonia Lodging and RV Hookups

  • America’s Best Value Inn – 25 Total Rooms (13 singles, 8 doubles, 2 suites, 1 single with pull out,) 620-378-3339 (24th & 25th booked full)
  • Fredonia Inn – 19 Rooms 620-378-4419
  • Flint Oak Ranch – 620-658-4401
  • Memories Bed and Breakfast – 7 Rooms, 5 baths, 3 kitchens 620-378-2375
  • Old Iron Club – 8 hookups and they have electric, water and dumping at each hookup. Ron Burns is the main contact, his number is 620-717-1429. You can also reach Joni Vorhees 620-378-3631 or 620-332-7199.
  • West Park R.V. Park – 6 Hookups (full service) Contact City for booking 620-378-2231
  • Poppy & Nan’s – 4 Hookups (full service) Contact Donavon Evenson 620-332-9700

T-shirts and apparel will be available through Brad Holliday with BSN Sports. We will post a link here to the online store where these items will be available to purchase. We anticipate this link will be available as we get closer to the event date. Check back here often.

Instructor Clinic

September 21-23

Becoming an Instructor
It’s way more than just a rating. It’s valuable tips and techniques that will help make you more effective. You will learn the best practices to help your students quickly learn, survive and thrive in this vulnerable time of their education.
Over the years a lot has been learned about what works and what doesn’t. This clinic will improve your instruction by sharing that wealth of information along with earning your instructor rating for those who qualify.
You’ll appreciate the course as much as your students will appreciate you having the knowledge.

$900 - USPPA Powered Paragliding Instructor Clinic
Tuesday-Thursday, Sept 21-23, 2022 during the Endless Foot Drag Fly-In with Paul Cooley
Please contact us at (608) 354-7812 or to register for this instructor clinic
Candidates should have a PPG3 rating and have done at least 5 Days (20 hours) of Apprentice work with a USPPA (or USHPA, ASC) Certified Instructor prior to the Clinic. 

A PPG3 rating can possibly be administered concurrently with the Clinic for those who have the skills and requirements, but only if there is enough time. There may be a waiting period after the clinic for these pilots to receive their Instructor rating (180 days).

PPG Instructor Experience and Minimums:

    1. One year of flying using a paramotor.
    2. 120 flights using a paramotor.
    3. 45 flying days using a paramotor.
    4. Has had a USPPA PPG3 rating for at least 180 days.
    5. Pilots wishing to be able to teach Wheeled Launch techniques must also have their USPPA PPG3 rating for Wheeled Launch and have at least 60 flights.
    6. 50 solo airtime hours.
    7. Agrees to apply minimum training standards prior to student instruction, flight and other areas as appropriate.
    8. Adheres to "Instructor Commitment Letter" whenever doing instruction for USPPA rating.

Preparation: There will be some homework and preparation for each attendee so that we can get the most out of our time together. Once you register, we will be sending you more information about the assignments, including syllabus and study materials. You should also begin an Apprenticeship in preparation for the Instructor Clinic. This is a very important part of your training to become an Instructor since it gives you hands-on experience working with real PPG students. This is usually done with your local USPPA Instructor. You will need at least 20 hours working with them to satisfy those requirements.

Please note: Simply attending and participating in this clinic does not guarantee an Instructor Rating. You must have all of the qualifications and demonstrate instructing skills to the Instructor Administrator(s) satisfaction in order to attain this rating. Also, a minimum number of participants are needed to make the clinic work. Please check with us in advance of any clinic you may have enrolled in before you make your travel plans.

Please contact us at (608) 354-7812 or